0.5 gallon Countertop Compostable Yucksacks Bags - 30 count

0.5 gallon Countertop Compostable Yucksacks Bags - 30 count

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The 0.5 Gallon Countertop Compostable Yucksacks Bag makes your compost simple and easy!

● Industrial compostable
● Corn-based: made with natural ingredients
● Made with easy-ties
● Half-gallon size
● Pack of 30
● BPI certified


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Going green is as easy as filling me with all your food scraps.

Yucksacks are the perfect 0.5 gallon countertop trash bags for compostable waste. Once you've filled your bag with bits and pieces of food and organic trash, just toss it into any green compost bin – you know, the ones that are monitored by industrial composting facilities. That’s a very important step!


Note: Yucksack bags are NOT home-compostable.

Think Globally, Start Small. Earth thanks you for your contribution.

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