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2 gallon Compostable Yucksacks Bags - 30 count

2 gallon Compostable Yucksacks Bags - 30 count

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The 2 Gallon Countertop Compostable Yucksacks Bags makes your compost simple and easy!

● Industrial compostable
● Corn-based: made with natural ingredients
● Made with easy-ties
● Two gallon size
● Pack of 30
● BPI certified


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Going green is as easy as filling me with all your food scraps.

Yucksacks are the perfect 2 gallon countertop trash bags for compostable waste. Once you've filled your bag with bits and pieces of food and organic trash, just toss it into any green compost bin – you know, the ones that are monitored by industrial composting facilities. That’s a very important step!


Note: Yucksacks bags are NOT home-compostable.

Think Globally, Start Small. Earth thanks you for your contribution.

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