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Owlpack Eco Friendly Recycled Mailers - Teal

Owlpack Eco Friendly Recycled Mailers - Teal

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PRODUCT MATERIAL - Owlpack's recycled mailers are crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled low-density polyethylene (LDPE 4), ensuring a sustainable alternative to conventional mailers. By repurposing existing plastic waste, our mailers contribute to environmental conservation efforts and reduce carbon footprint.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATION - Our recycled mailers come in six versatile sizes ranging from 5"x7" to 24x24, accommodating various shipping needs. With a thickness of 2 MIL, they offer exceptional durability and tear resistance. The inclusion of a self-seal closure ensures hassle-free packaging, while the tamper-evident seal provides added security during transit.

ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFIT - Choosing Owlpack's recycled mailers significantly reduces the demand for virgin materials and minimizes CO2 emissions associated with conventional plastics. By opting for 100% post-consumer recycled LDPE 4, customers actively contribute to a greener future and support sustainable packaging practices.

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