The Start of Yucksacks

We’re doing this whole eco-friendly thing for the know-it-owls-sustainable living solutions, that is! At Owlpack, we’re extinguishing (technically, not literally of course!) the modern wasteland through composting Yucksack bags for sustainable industrial food waste disposal.

The rumors around town are true – unfortunately! Food waste takes up more space in our landfills than anything else; that’s an estimated 30 to 40% of food supply or 108 billion tons of food waste per year!

So, as you toss out the ends of carrot stems and lime carcasses in your little Yucksack at your next dinner party, you can gloat about your sustainable lifestyle to your friends. Share and educate about how composting will change your life!

Think globally, start small! We're here to help one trash bin at a time.