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Countertop Compostable Yucksacks Bag Starter Kit - White

Countertop Compostable Yucksacks Bag Starter Kit - White

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Choose your perfect size for Compostable Yucksacks Bag Starter Kit! Make your daily compost simple and easy!

Our Yucksack:

  • Industrial compostable
  • Corn-based: made with natural ingredients
  • Made with easy-ties
  • Pack of 30

Our Yucksack Holder:

Easy on the eyes: The Green team at Owlpack heard your voice. So we got a perfect holder for Yucksack! A clean design that’ll look good on your countertop. Keeping it in plain sight makes tossing those scraps even easier.

Sized just right: Most compostable bins we’ve found on the market are way too big that it takes days and days of scraps, so the Green team at Owlpack has designed ours a tad smaller, keeping it tidy and compact. The Yucksack Holder fits perfectly for both 0.5 and 2-gallon size yucksacks.


Not sure which Yucksack size to go? Here's an idea of our Yucksacks sizes:

0.5 gal Small: Yucksack dimensions: 8” W x14.75” H, with 4” ties

2 gal Large: Yucksack dimensions: 12” W x 20” H, with 6.5” ties 

Yucksack Holder dimensions: 5.43” L x 4.76" W x 7.4” H

The beauty of our Yucksack holder is one size fits all. That's why you only need to decide which Yucksacks size you want, or you can get both small and large Yucksacks and give a try which one suits you!



The yucksack decomposes – that’s the point. So, store them in a dry, cool place for safekeeping. Note: These bags are NOT home-compostable.
The Kit – Easy clean. The lid is designed to mask odors, and the holder is easy to wipe clean from every angle you wish.

Think Globally, Start Small. From the Green team at Owlpack

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