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Pinot Cordless LED Lamp with Adjustable Dimmer

Pinot Cordless LED Lamp with Adjustable Dimmer

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Illuminating Dining Elegance:

Pinot's design, inspired by the Burgundy wine glass curve, provides even lighting over dining tables, enhancing food presentation and ambiance for memorable meals.

Tailored Dimming for Every Dining Scenario:

Pinot's three-stage dimming switch adapts to various dining settings, from romantic dinners to festive gatherings, offering the perfect luminosity for every moment.

Outdoor Durability, Indoor Sophistication:

Featuring an IP44 waterproof rating, Pinot's basic model ensures outdoor dining charm without sacrificing style, adding versatility to your dining experiences.

Extended Illumination, Quick Recharge:

Pinot's high-capacity battery delivers up to sixteen hours of continuous illumination. Thanks to its rapid charging capability, thirty minutes of charging provides eight hours of light, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment.

Effortless Charging, Timeless Style:

Pinot's USB-C charging port seamlessly blends into its design, offering convenient recharging options. With the included cable, it doubles as a chic table lamp, embodying timeless sophistication.

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