Certifications are the bread and butter of composting products. To properly dispose of anything compostable, two things must be considered.

Industrial compostable
Home compostable

In order to make an impact, products must be disposed of appropriately according to their certification.

At Owlpack, we offer the following certifications clearly labeled on our products for your information.


The Biodegradable Products Institute is North America's leading industrial compostable products and packaging certifier. Their certification program ensures that products and packaging displaying the BPI logo have been independently tested and verified as industrial compostable according to scientifically based standards.

BPI does not include home compostable in its certification.

ASTM D6400

ASTM D6400 is a four-part biodegradation test to evaluate biodegradability in an industrial setting, including elemental analysis, plant germination (phytotoxicity), and mesh filtration of the resulting particles. This 90 to 180-day test is an international standard set by the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) committee for any composting claims for all industrial products.

ASTM does not provide a test standard for home compost.


TÜV Austria is a certification body authorized by European Bioplastic that provides home or industrial “OK” to compost certifications. These specific certifications are clearly labeled and ensure that a product is guaranteed complete biodegradability through specific home composting requirements and techniques or as biodegradable in an industrial composting plant.